Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nyah's Happy #3

Happy Birthday Nyah
Love Nana & Papa Bud

Congratulations Jason

October 16th and 17th Kristi Dawn, Bud, and my self went to Fort Madison to watch Jason in the BOA Finals. The top 25 bull riders from the 5 surrounding states were there. The introduction of the riders was very exciting. They put lighter fluid on the ground and stated it on fire as they brought each cowboy out. By the time Jason was introduced the flames had burned down a bunch. He was 8th overall and 1st in the Rookie. He is the very tall one with the pink shirt on.

Jason bucked of his 1st bull, rode his 2nd bull, scoring 85 and was 6th. He bucked off his 3rd and 4th bull but stayed in 8th position and won the rookie of the year. The ride is great you just have to listen to me yell as you watch it. They gave each contestant a very nice vest and Jason won this beautiful buckle. It was a great weekend nobody got hurt and Jason succeeding in his goal that he had made at the beginning of the year to win the rookie.

Congratulations Jason
We Love You

Kristi Dawn and David Hecht one of our good friends that was there.