Sunday, March 29, 2009


MARCH 30 2009
We have been so blessed to have Blake in our family and
he has been so blessed to get to
visit us 3 times over the past year.
Happy Birthday Blake,
Have a Great Day
Bud and Blake after a hard day of fishing

Nyah and Blake getting the fishing hooks ready.
She has the fishing line in her mouth

Nyah sleeping and Blake riding Omni on their trip to Iowa

Kristi and Blake racing.
(Kristi wanted me to note that she is winning)

All alone up in the tree stand thinking about those
Be careful Blake don't fall down from the tree stand

Blessing Trey in Iowa City

Jason, Alicia, and Blake playing cards

Tina, Blake and Nyah at Grandma Bradshaw's 100th birthday party

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well its time for me to update my post. I have been putting it off because I knew that this needed to be the next post that I did. This is a little e-mail that Bud wrote that I decided to use it because it sums it all up. I use the first picture of Clipper that I could find. Why we don't have pictures of him when he was born I don't know but this was his first ride. "Boy does Bud look young" The last picture is a couple of days before the old man died. He had fallen on the ice out side and we were helping him back to the barn. So many pictures in between that when I tried to decide which one to use there was not enough room to put them all. So I decided on the first and the last and to all that knew him will have to remember their favorite picture of him.

January 6th 2009 The old man of the barn (Clipper) passed away, 32 years of a great opportunity to have a great horse - as they say (something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man or woman) he fit the bill and you could not ask for a better partner to build memories with - oh the game we have hunted - the horses and cattle we have roped - the states we have traveled in and the mountains we have seen the other side of - the games that we played - the barrels he turned and most important the family he raised (even some of the grand kids got the opportunity to ride him) - Definitely a living legend came to an end and a legend was born to the memory books of life.