Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Story of BUNNY CAKE!!!!!

My name is Bunny Cake and I came to be on this great Easter Day.
Everyone loved me.  I was so excited about searchng for eggs, the Easter Bunny
had hid them so well that it took HOURS and HOURS for these "4" to find them.

They searched everywhere.

They grabbed candy and eggs as they found them.

Sometimes they had to stop and really think "Now where would that Old Funny
Easter Bunny hide all those eggs.

They searched HIGH!!!

They were racing to see who could fill their egg carton first!!

Under the couch!!!

In the draws!!!

Sometimes they even found one!!!!

Sometime they found things that the Easter Bunny didn't hide!!

I wondered if they are cleaning or searching??

Maybe they were just hungry??

Finally they had found it all and I was the HAPPIEST

Then the most terrable thing started to Happen!

I couldn't figgure out what was happening. 

I could not HEAR!!

Then in the morning in broad daylight a Theif Came.

My Beautiful Tie was gone.

Then when night came and the sun came up and all of a sudden it went

I could not see anymore. 
But bunnies have great noses so I could smell my way around.

Then all of a sudden my jaw was ripped from my face.

I could hardly eat.

I started to fight for my life.

But it didn't help much.

I still had my nose so I could still find my way around.

As soon as I said that my nose was gone.

Then my mouth disapeared and I couldn't speak anymore.

My life was "Cut" short.

Only my Shadow REMAINS!!